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"Lucy is far more than an editor. In the time that we worked together she was my most important critic and motivator. With her positive attitude, coupled with her knowledge of “what works”, she inspired me to have the courage to believe in my writing. At the same time, she pushed me to make my work as professional as possible.

"I had published two previous books, but Lucy’s engagement went far beyond what I had experienced with any other editors. Being a writer herself, she understands the uncertainties and self- criticism which plague writers. This makes her an excellent writing coach- encouraging and yet direct. She is ideal to support both the experienced writer and those still taking their first, tentative steps.

"I found Lucy’s fee to be very reasonable, especially because she is always ready to go that extra mile.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending her." 

Jenny Simanowitz, Memoir author [Developments Edit, Submission Package support, Mentoring]

"As a mentor, Lucy was always both committed to my story and also to my development as a writer. An expert on craft, she has an eagle eye for spotting problems or plot holes and always delivered her feedback in an honest yet supportive way. As well as critiquing my words every month, she was always flexible to whatever service I needed at the time, be it help with a query letter, synopsis or industry question. Lucy has been an instrumental part of my writing journey, I learned so much from her and will always value her support."

Carey Camburn, YA and MG author [Monthly Mentoring]

"Lucy has provided developmental edits on two of my middle grade stories and I have found her comments and suggestions incredibly helpful during the early draft stages of my writing. I find it's hard to step back from an early draft once I've written it, so Lucy offers an expert second pair of eyes to spot plot holes and characters which need further development. Her feedback is honest and tough, but always supportive, which is something I really value. If I wanted to hear only good things about my manuscript, I'd ask a relative to read it, but with Lucy, I know I'll get constructive and well thought out advice which I know will strengthen my work. 

"If there are areas in your manuscript you know need fixing, but you're not entirely sure how to do it, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Lucy. She'll raise questions you may not have thought of and will help get your ideas flowing again."

Kristina Rahim, PFD Queer Prize ‘23 Winner, repped by Silvia Molteni at PFD (Developmental Edits)


"I’ve worked with Lucy on a number of my books. Her eye for pacing, narrative and character arcs has made such a difference to my stories. She combines encouragement with challenge to create an end result so much better than what you started with." 

Isobel Hart, author of  That Certain Spark, The Other One and Still Life (Developmental Edits)

"Lucy's comments on my work were insightful, earnest, constructive, and truly on-point, providing concrete, actionable options that helped me improve my novel. Her feedback brought about some interesting realizations on my part regarding my character arcs, which helped me to solve various issues and clarify how the sub plots and motivations throughout my story meshed in the end. I'm grateful for her meaningful feedback, which kept a focus on how small changes can impact the big picture.”

Suzanne Mattaboni, author of Once in a Lifetime (Developmental Edit)



“Lucy’s ability to look at the big picture as well as focus on details is invaluable. Her insights on my manuscript were spot-on. I could tell she really immersed herself in the manuscript. Her encouragement and positivity made me excited to jump back in and improve it. I plan to work with her on future projects!”

Julie Ditchburn Patton, repped by Writers’ House. (Developmental Edit)


"Lucy’s critique was thoughtful and kind while also highlighting the portions of my query letter that needed improvements. She clearly laid out her suggested changes and explained why they were important. Preparing to enter a contest or beginning to query is such a nerve-wracking time, it’s wonderful to have support and feel confidence before sharing your work with the world. 

Angie Gentile-Jordan, repped by Transatlantic Agency (Query Letter Critique)

"There is an art in providing feedback as there is an art in writing. Some feedback I have received, and I think the reader missed the point of what I was trying to convey, but Lucy's feedback for my first page felt like she was filling in missing pieces and smoothing out awkward sections of the writing. This is exactly what I hope to have in an editor, someone who understands the story, provides relevant feedback, and motivates me to continually improve my writing."

Irene Lee

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